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The reborn of Belle Époque

France is the heart of world civilisation back in the 1880’s era. It is the spirit guidance for most of the westerners.

Inherited the spirit of French art and carrying the mission to create a perfect sleep, BONCA mattress was established in 2001 with the strength of classic manufacturing skills,
eco-friendly resources and the exclusivity design of sprung mattress system. 


From France to Taiwan, and Malaysia

It is projecting the elegancy of the historic Belle Époque
(The Beautiful Era) with a touch of modern design, a premier mattress brand for the elite.

From France to Taiwan, and Malaysia; we have launched numerous of sleeping technologies that not just enhance your beauty sleep, but safe and healthy growth. 


Super-Stretch Knitted Fabric Cover

BONCA Super-Stretch Knitted Fabric Cover is more soft,
gentle and stretchable as compared to the ordinary
mattress cover. 


Foam Edge Protective System

With the Foam Edge Protective System, you can now enjoy a wider
mattress space with your partner, also assuring a longer life span
for your mattress.


Environmentally Friendly Power Elastic Latex

Sleeping safe and sound with our Environmentally Friendly Power
Elastic Latex.

It is hypoallergenic in nature and equipped with millions of breathable
pin-holes for powerful level of elasticity.


Long-lasting support with DURAfoam

All our mattresses are blended with DURAfoam on top and bottom
of the spring system, to prolong the duration of comfort spinal support.


Anti-Allergen Treated Fabric Cover

Our Super-Stretch Knitted Fabric Cover is also treated with
Anti-Allergen function, to ensures you a safe and healthy
sleeping environment.


Anti-Bacteria Treated Fabric Cover

At the same time, our Fabric Cover is also treated with
Anti-Bacteria function to enhances our level of protection
for your perfect sleep at night.

Why do you need a comfort mattress?

We spent 1/3 of our life time in sleep. If you treat it as your intimate partner, how would you choose the Mr. Right? At least 8 hours a day of intimacy, it is important to find the most suitable mattress for yourself. 

First and foremost, we will have to starts from understanding the types of mattress and their unique features, then define our potential relationship with them. Let us go through it step-by-step from here!

How to choose your mattress

It is important to restore your energy from a quality sleep. Based on the key points below, you are able to choose the most suitable and excellent mattress.

1.Feel it for yourself

Everyone have their own distinctive body size and preference. So, it is a must to feel it for yourself. You may try more than one mattress to define your ideal firmness.

2.Test the mattress for at least 10 minutes

Relax, test it with the correct height pillow. Choose the mattress that perfectly conform to your body contour from head, shoulder, waist to hip.

3.It is normal to have 1-3cm body impression

According to the Chairman of Physiotherapy Society, a good mattress can be soft or firm, but able to support and relieve the overall body pressure.

4.The most ideal mattress height

The most ideal mattress height is to have your feet on ground when you are sitting on the mattress edge.

How to choose the firmness


How to maintain the mattress

The Four Basic Principles of Mattress Maintenance

Tidy, Dehumidify, Rotate, and Clean

1.Make sure it is clean to prevent dust mites

Use mattress cover to prevent damages from dirt stain. It is recommended to change and wash the mattress cover regularly to prevent growth of dust mites.

2.Keep your bedroom clean and dry

Our body will discharge an approximately 200 c.c. of water everyday during the 8 hours sleep. It is recommended to keep your bedroom clean and dry at all time to prevent the erosion of mattress steel sprung and minimises growth of bacteria.

3.Rotate your mattress for longer lifespan

Our “Never-Turn” mattress design utilised different types of premium materials and offers a gentle and soft comfort sleep. It is normal to have body impression after a long time of usage therefore it is compulsory to rotate the mattress every 3 months (From left to right then right to left). If your mattress has been used for more than 7 years, it is best to check if the sprung are in good condition and may consider to change a new mattress.

4.Change and wash your bedsheet regularly

It is best to change and wash your bedsheet every week, to strengthen the air ventilation of your mattress, also protect its dry freshness for a healthier comfort sleep.


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